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Trekking in India Himalaya

Why Trekking in India ?

With more than half of the Himalayas lying within it's borders, India is the place to be for a trekking or a hiking enthusiast.

India offers a varied and exciting topogrpahy for trekking ranging from the high altitude deserts of Ladakh, the alpine meadows of Garhwal, Sikkim and Kashmir to the dense rain forests of Kerala.

Why Trekking with US ?

Professional leadership, the highest safety standards in the industry and a strong commitment to the environment, all contribute to making our trekking as good as they sound. Over the years we have gained a reputation of organising trekkings in the remotest of locations in the Indian Himalayas.


Trekking Season level :


Spread over a width of an average 250 kms the weather varies dramatically over different regions. The weather in the subcontinent is almost entirely dependent on the ‘monsoons’, winds blowing from the southwest of India and the adjacent areas bringing heavy rainfall in the continent, typically in the months of June to September.

Summer, mid March to end June, known as the pre-monsoon season is the one of the best time to trek and climb as there are long days of nice, pleasant weather. The snow lines are quite low early on in this season as the winter snow just starts to melt.

Monsoon, early July to Mid September, is when the entire country (except the Trans Himalayas – Lahaul Spiti in Himachal and Ladakh) is drenched with rain water and covered with thick envelope of clouds. Perfect time to be in the TransHimalayan land as it wakes up after a long cold winter.

Autumn, the post- monsoon season starts by late September and carries on till end November. Since everything is washed out in the monsoons and it is relatively cooler this period offers clear views of the mountain ranges.

Winter is quite severe all across the Himalayas, especially in the higher reaches. It generally arrives by early December and continues till mid March. Good time to be in the Lesser Himalayas to get the starkling clear distant views.


Fitness Levels

Walk 1 : Walk easily for 2 hours a day in undulating terrain.
Walk 2 : Walk easily for 3/4 hours a day in hilly terrain.
Walk 3 : Walk Easily for 5 hours a day in hilly terrain with some steep stretches
Fitness Levels
Trek 1 : Walk for 4-6 hours a day in hilly terrain
Trek 2 : Walk for 5-7 hours a day with a mixture of steep and hilly terrain and some ice and snow.
Trek 3 : Walk for 5-7 hours a day with some days of steep terrain and walking on ice and snow.
Fitness Levels
Climb 1 :  Climb for 3-8 hours a day and areas of steep walking on snow and ice
Climb 2 : Climb for 6-8 hours a day and areas of steep walking on snow and ice and continue for 10-20 days
Climb 3 : Climb as for category 2 except this level may be climbing at this intensity for over 30 days

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