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Skiing Course status at Auli

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Ski Course Dates :  3 day ski course   Ski Course One -  8th /   17 /  28 *Confirm   :: 9999 Per Head   Dates open
5 day ski course   Auli skiing Trip II -  5  /   15  /  25  *confirm   :: 14,989  PP   Dates open
one week ski course   Auli ski :  Trip III -  3  / 10  Closed & 20 & 28  :: 20,989  PP  Conform
10 day ski course   Auli skiing :  Trip III  -  4 / 15th Jan /  28 Closed  ::  29,989  PP  Dates open

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Ski Course Dates :  3 day ski snowboard course  Ski lesson Auli  -  5  -   15 -  25   Dates open
5 day ski and snoboard course at auli   Skiing At Auli  -  2  -  8  -  17  -  26  Dates open
7 day ski lesson at Auli india himalaya  Skiing in Auli -   10  - 20  - 28  Dates open


Also Available Snowboard and skiing  hire at our branch office Joshimath and Manali  -  Winter skiing trips at Auli & Manali

3days ski course and snowboard at auli   Skiing Auli India - 1  /   5  /  14    Dates open
5days & one week skiing lesson at auli  Auli Ski lesson -  3 /  10  /  17   Dates open
Special --->  Group Tours and Corporate Tours & School Groups and Family Trips are also possible ::  Private lesson can be arranged by us

Skiing Adventure Tours In Indian Himalayas 

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Skiing at Auli  Himalayas ::--
The region provides immense opportunities for adventure sports like skiing and thrilling water sports which make Uttarakhand an ideal venue for adventure seekers.
The large slopes of Garhwal and Kumaon covered with seasonal snow becomes an ideal place for skiing in the winter months. With their wide open spaces above the snowline, Garhwal and Kumaon offer yet another exciting possibility - ski touring amongst the glaciers. For the avid skier, cross-country runs of 10-20 km are now available, with the added advantage of fresh powder snow, away from criss-crossing streams of skiers that overtake the slopes of the European Alps. Because of their height and spread, Garhwal and Kumaon, like other sectors of the Himalayas, are in position to offer the thrills of exploratory long distance skiing round the year.

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Auli in the Himalayas  
Auli, 16 km from Joshimath is an ideal winter skiing center.. A 3 km long slope ranging from a height of 2519 to 3049 m is a major attraction. The Auli  has snow beaters which beat the snow to keep the slopes fit for skiing at all times. A 500 m long ski-lift carries skiiers back to the slope top, thus saving them the trouble and time to bridge up wearing long skis.

End December to March.
Equipment: We provides modern ski equipments. Participants are advised to bring heavy woolen clothings like caps, socks, gloves, mufflers, pullovers, trousers, wind proof jackets, dark glasses, gum / snow boots and a torch for personal use.
Package Tours: We conducts 5 / 7 and 14 days skiing courses at Auli and special provisions for day tourists are also available. Ski training is given by qualified ski instructors.

Dayra Bugyal
Bugyal in the local language means "high altitude meadow". The road to Dayara Bugyal branches off near Bhatwari a place on Uttarkashi-Gangotri road about 28 km from Uttarkashi. Vehicles can go up to the village of Barsu from where one has to trek a distance of about 8 km to reach Dayara and other route is via village Raithal, 10 km from Bhatwari, from where one has to trek about 6 km to Dayara Bugyal. Situated at an elevation of about 3048 m, this vast meadow is second to none in natural beauty. During winter it provides excellent ski slopes over an area of 28 sq km. The panoramic view of the Himalayas from here is breathtaking. Presently accommodation is available at Bhatwari and some villager's huts may also be used by professional skiers.
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Mundali is situated in district Dehradun, 129 km from Dehradun via Chakrata. Mandali offers an unforgettable view of the snow capped Himalayas. The place has vast ski slopes on which professionals can enjoy skiing. As accommodation facility is only available at Forest Rest House, therefore one has to ensure accommodation through the Forest Department.

Other Areas
Besides Auli, numerous places in Garhwal and Kumaon are full of potential for skiing where an individual or a group can enjoy this winter sport on their own. In Garhwal, Kush Kalyan and Kedar Kantha in Distt. Uttarkashi; Panwali and Matya in Distt. Tehri Garhwal and Bedni Bugyal in Chamoli and Munsyari, Chiplakot Valley in Distt. Pithoragarh in Kumaon are well known potential skiing resorts where professionals can do skiing.

Skiing at Auli

Skiing is a sport using skis as equipment for traveling over snow. Skis are used with boots that connect to the ski with the use of a binding.

Best time: Jan - Mar

Types Of Skiing Styles

Alpine Downhill
This type of skiing takes place at a skii resort with specified ski runs. It is non-competitive recreational skiing.
Alpine Freestyle
This kind of skiing employs the use of aerial acrobatics and balance.
Also called cross-country it is the oldest form of skiing. It is competitive skiing and does not require any special ski area. Nordic jumping is a competition in which skiers slide down a ramp to go furthest before landing.
This type of skiing is used by military as a means of transport.
This type of skiing is done while being pulled or carried by a hang glider or kite.
Paraskiing is accomplished by jumping from a plane or from a high altitude mountain.


What You Need To Wear On Slopes

The best way to keep warm while skiing is to dress in layers. You will be most comfortable with three warm layers, rather than in one huge woollen monster of a sweater. Many of the modern synthetic fabrics like fleece are amazingly warm and lightweight, well worth the expense.

What to wear
Woollen Cap - absolutely necessary since you lose much body warmth through your head.
Warm socks - several pairs (thin and thick) that can be layered and worn
Gloves and/or mittens
Scarf or muffler
Pullovers/Sweaters/Sweat shirts
Thermal underwear (longjohns)
Wind proof jacket
Dark glasses and sun block - you'll be surprised at how strong the glare of the snow is and how the UV rays can burn your skin even though you may never see the sun.
Snow boots or trekking boots.

OUR Auli Skiing Winter Packages :   3Nights 4 Days :: 5n 6days :: 7n 8days

From 20th Jan to 20th March..... Rs 11,999(DLX), Rs 14,999 (LUX),Rs 19,999 (HONEYMOON).

3N/4D PACKAGE: including w/drink, daily bed tea, breakfast and dinner, courtesy service to Ski Resort Auli (By Ropeway), use of Skiing equipments at Auli, 10% discount on extra F & B, recreational facilities, free stay for drivers and all taxes.   

Day 1 : Arrival in Hotel Mount View (One of the best Luxurious hotel in Joshimath). W/drink - Dinner  O/N - Hotel

Day 2 + 3 : After Break fast Take a Drive by Cable Car (Asia Longest & Highest Ropeway) to Auli (Ski Resort), Enjoy Skiing in the Shadow of Mount. Nanda Devi (7848 mts). Explore the Valley & return back to Joshimath by Ropeway. Tea / Dinner, O/N - Hotel.

Day 4 : Tour Terminate after Departure from Hotel.

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