The Himalayan Adventures is all about giving you the best travel experience coupled with just the right amount of activity and scenic beauty to get your adrenaline pumping...and that isn't just because of hiking, trekking or white water rafting...the mighty mountains have more than spine tingling adventures, take a look at the beautiful views it has in store for you.

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 Garhwal HimalayasThe land of Gods, and an absolute paradise for the avid traveler...
and for us at Adventure Trekking it's a thrill to find out pristine locations in and around these parts and take you there.

We are your "Specialty tour organizers in Indian Himalayas !!".


The holy rivers and Alaknanda (later Ganga) originate from the Garhwal Himalayas and drain out into the plains of Uttar Pradesh, in addition these are Kali, Ramganga and Yamuna. The other rivers are Saryu, Pinder, Malini, Hiyul, Rawasian, Khoh and Nayar. All these rivers finally merge into the holy river Ganga.

1. Alaknanda : Alaknanda is formed by the confluence of Vishnu Ganga and Dhauli Ganga at Vishnuprayag originating from the glaciers of Badrinath and Kamet. Vishnu Ganga originates from Mana pass and the Dhauli originates from Niti Pass. The other prominent rivers Nadakini join at Nanda Prayag, and Pinder joins Alaknanda at Karan Prayag and Mandakini joins at Rudra Prayag.

2. Bhagirathi : The holy and legendary river Bhagirathi originates from Gaumukh, the Gangotri glacier in the northern slope of Trishul peak. The other tributaries e.g Jadhganga and Bhilanganga joins it before Alaknanda river, which joins it at Deoprayag and from there on wards the river is conclusively called Ganga when it finally descends into the plains at Haridwar.

3. Eastern Ramganga : Eastern Ramganga originates from the hills of Nandakot. The other tributaries Jakula and Saryu joins it. Thereafter, this river is called Saryu before it joins river Kali originates. Eastern and Western Ramganga flow into the plains independently.

4. Western Ramganga : The river originates from the Doodhatoli ranges in district Pauri Garhwal and enters into district, Nanital before re-entering into district Pauri Garhwal. The river then flows through Patali Dun and then turns south-east before it enters the plains near Kalagarh fort and passes through Moradabad. The other tributaries Mandhul, Palain ans Sona also joins it.

5. Yamuna : Yamuna originates from the Banderpoonch glaciers in district Uttarakashi. River Tons, which flows along the boundary with Himachal Pradesh, west of district Tehri Garhwal, joins Yamuna river at Kalsi and thereafter enters the plains. From Kalsi, the river flows along the boundary with Himachal Pradesh west of district Deheradun.


The Great Himalayas : The northern most zone consisting of perpetually snow-covered ranges between 4,800 to 5,100 meters, although the snow lines rises to 5,400 meters, during summers at some places. The zone contains a number of glaciers, Pindari, Milam, Nandakot, Kafni, Untadhura, Goru and Poting, giving rise to a number of snow fed rivers- the Pinder, the Ramganga Dharamganaga, Saryu and Kali, which separates Kumoan from Nepal in the extreme north-east.

The Lesser Himalayas :  while the northern zone composed of gneisses and granites, this has a great complexity of structure, having the most favorable conditions for human habitation. The elevation varying from 1000 meters to 3500 meters from low lying river valleys to peaks close to the great Himalayas, the Lesser Himalayas, with moderately steep slopes, consists of many fertile and flat river valleys.

Sub Himalayas : South of the Lesser Himalayas, it is the outer-most zone overlooking the foot-hills and the plains. The altitude ranging from 750-1200 meters, the Shiwaliks are the foot-hills just above the Bhabar and Terai, once famous for the swamps and insalubrious climate, inhabited by Tribal people only, now reclaimed and developed into a fertile land, supporting a large population.

Be Our Guest Have A Wonderful Time In The Himalayas !

'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

Trekking in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve , Himalaya!  

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The Indian Himalayas contains some of the world?s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful challenging impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes. Catch the most panoramic views of the incomparable land of Indian Himalayas. The Indian Himalayas takes you across the lovely land that it dotted with a variety of thrill adventure destinations.


Minimum 2 Persons & above traveling together can have departures dates as per the travel plans.


For our specialized tailor-made trekking programs for Individuals and small groups please write to us details with exact number of persons, No. of Days, & month of travel. We will send you detailed programs most suitable to your requirements.


OUR MOTTO       

* to explore & preserve Indian Himalayas in an ecological way,

* to enjoy sports challenges and Adventure Holidays in secure conditions,

* to share Indian / western cultures in an open and light way.


We propose you trekking, eco tours, biking, rafting, skiing, climbing and Adventure Holidays in the "Abode of Gods", as Indian people name Garhwal Himalayas. We have our own latest Snow Skiing / trekking / rafting / climbing equipments and we do not sublet our clients to other operators, as other do.  



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Our purpose is to do eco trekkings as a challenge to show that balance between different cultures and balance between human and earth is possible.