The Himalayan Adventures is all about giving you the best travel experience coupled with just the right amount of activity and scenic beauty to get your adrenaline pumping...and that isn't just because of hiking, trekking or white water rafting...the mighty mountains have more than spine tingling adventures, take a look at the beautiful views it has in store for you.


The Himalayan Adventures  invites the ecologically-conscious traveler to experience the world of nature, to help create a sustainable model for eco-tourism and adventures, and to support wild land that have been preserved, and help preserve those that are still in danger.

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"Nanda Devi East Camp trek "- Nanda Devi East  Trekking


 Garhwal Himalayas - The land of Gods, and an absolute paradise for the avid traveler...
and for us at Adventure Trekking it's a thrill to find out pristine locations in and around these parts and take you there.

We are your "Specialty tour organizers in Garhwal Himalayas !!".


" In contemplating the eternity and beauty of the Himalayas… 
our soul rises up to God, the creator and Lord of Nature " .


Awesome, serene and inspiring snow bound Himalayas of Uttaranchal one of nature's most beautiful gift to mankind. Green Garhwal is the place where the dreams of trekkers and nature lovers come true. There are many treks situated to every kind of trekker, of whatever age. We have deign a tailor made fix departure trips for trekking in Garhwal & Kumaon Himalayas. There is many opportunity in all types of trek , to see the most diverse kinds of flora and fauna , a life time experience to meet the wonderful villages and friendly people, there culture, who share with you their simple variety of food and simple pleasures


Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Uttaranchal, India


Trekking tour  for Nanda Devi Sanctuary East

This is a very nice, relatively easy and green trek in the beautiful Nanda Devi area in north-eastern Uttaranchal, away from the pilgrim crowds on the traditional treks further west. 

(10 nights & 11 days)
Itinerary Starts from Delhi

Nandadevi East Camp trekking,trek to nandadevi east camp,nandadevi east camp trekDay 1:Delhi(evening) - Pithoragarh(morning)
Overnight journey by bus. arrival in the morning at Pithoragrh, also known as a part of Sor valley. Pithoragarh is curious amalgamation of the town and the village, the settlement and the agricultural fields. Famous for leather, woolen, wooden and cane goods, the town also has a host of temples. 
Day 2: Pithoragarh - Munsyari distance is 154 kms. Overnight stay at Munsyari which is the road head of the trek. From Munsyari one gets an excellent view of the Panchchuli peaks. 
Day 3: Munsyari to Lilam (13 kms) - After breakfast vehicle will drop participants at Darkot (4 kms) from where trekkers will commence walking along the banks of Gori Ganga at an average height of 4500 ft. Our destination is past Lilam village to Raurgari where we camp for the night. 
Day 4:Today is a strenous walk along a gorge past the Gori Ganga river. The route is fairly up and down but generally eases off before reaching the Mapang(3100 mts, 9 kms) and to Rilkot(3200m 4km) 
Day 5: RILKOT - MARTOLI VILLAGE (3324 m)-LAWAN(3600M) 10 kms trek. You are in high mountain country now and the tree line disappears giving access to vast stretches of Alpine pastures.One gets the view of the Martoli peak soon after Rilkot and we reach Martoli and explore the town before lunch. The trek to Lawan is along the river and through meadows with the Nanda Devi looming up large ahead. 
Day 6: LAWAN - SHIAMA KHARAK(4200 M)10 kms Shiama Kharak with its rolling meadows is our base camp. From here only we can get fantastic views of the biggest Indian Himalayan Peaks. 
Day 7: Bhital Guar (4450 m)5kms Day trek to the base for views of the glacier and the peaks. From here we can visit the glaciers on the Traill's pass area and the base camp for Nanda Kot. 
Day 8: It is a day to rest and simply enjoy yourself in this magnificent location. Options include the hike up to the snow ridges of Nanda Devi East. There have been several sightings of bluesheep in the region. 
Day 9: SHIAMA - RILKOT (20 kms). 
Day 10: RIRGARI - MUNSIYARI (20 kms).
Day 11:MUNSIYARI - SAAT-TAL- KATHGODAM - DELHI Drive back starting early from Munsyari to reach Kathgodam by the evening to catch the overnight train to Delhi from Kathgodam in the evening. Arrive in Delhi on the 21st morning. 

Milam Glacier Tour ,(Milam/Nanda East base camp)
(20 nights & 21 days)

Day 1 : Almora to Girgaon (Camping at Birthi Falls 125mtrs.) 170 kms. (by cab)
Day 2 : Birthi to Kalamuni Top (2700 mtrs.). 10 kms. Trek
Day 3 : Kalamuni Top to Munsiyari. 10 kms. Trek (via Thamri kund) 
Day 4 : Rest at Munsiyari 
Day 5 : Munsiyari to Lilam. 13 kms. Trek
Day 6 : Lilam to Bugdiyar. 12 kms. Trek
Day 7 : Bugdiyar to Rilkot. 12 kms. Trek 
Day 8 : Rilkot to Milam Vill. 15 kms. Trek
Day 9 : Milam Vill. to Milam Gl. & back. 10 kms. Trek
panchchuli peak,view of panchuli peak from milam glacier,nandadevi milam glacier trekking,trekking to milam glacier
Day 10 : Milam Vill. to Martoli. 12 kms. Trek
Day 11 : Martoli to Lwan. 10 kms. Trek
Day 12 : Lwan to Nasanpati. 12 kms. Trek
Day 13 : Nasanpati to Nanda East base camp. 10 kms. Trek
Day 14 : Nanda East base camp to Nasanpati. 10 kms. Trek
Day 15 : Nasanpati to Lwan. 12 kms. Trek
Day 16 : Lwan to Martoli. 10 kms. Trek
Day 17 : Martoli to Bugdiyar. 16 kms. Trek
Day 18 : Bugdiyar to Lilam. 12 kms. Trek
Day 19 : Lilam to Munsiyari. 13 kms. Trek
Day 20 : Rest at Munsiyari 
Day 21 : Munsiyari to Almora. 195 kms. (by cab)

Itinerary \ Terms are available upon request.

Be Our Guest Have A Wonderful Time In The Himalayas !

'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

Trekking in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve , Himalaya!  

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The Indian Himalayas contains some of the world?s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful challenging impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes. Catch the most panoramic views of the incomparable land of Indian Himalayas. The Indian Himalayas takes you across the lovely land that it dotted with a variety of thrill adventure destinations.


Minimum 2 Persons & above traveling together can have departures dates as per the travel plans.


For our specialized tailor-made trekking programs for Individuals and small groups please write to us details with exact number of persons, No. of Days, & month of travel. We will send you detailed programs most suitable to your requirements.


OUR MOTTO       

* to explore & preserve Indian Himalayas in an ecological way,

* to enjoy sports challenges and Adventure Holidays in secure conditions,

* to share Indian / western cultures in an open and light way.


We propose you trekking, eco tours, biking, rafting, skiing, climbing and Adventure Holidays in the "Abode of Gods", as Indian people name Garhwal Himalayas. We have our own latest Snow Skiing / trekking / rafting / climbing equipments and we do not sublet our clients to other operators, as other do.  



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Our purpose is to do eco trekkings as a challenge to show that balance between different cultures and balance between human and earth is possible.