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Himalayas -undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive range in the world, is fastly becoming the most visited adventure zone of the world.


"We do not Experiment,  We Excel with Experience"


 Trekking Himalaya

The Himalayan Adventures is all about giving you the best travel experience coupled with just the right amount of activity and scenic beauty to get your adrenaline pumping...and that isn't just because of hiking, trekking or white water rafting...the mighty mountains have more than spine tingling adventures, take a look at the beautiful views it has in store for you.


The Himalayan Adventures invites the ecologically-conscious traveler to experience the world of nature, to help create a sustainable model for eco-tourism and adventures, and to support wild land that have been preserved, and help preserve those that are still in danger.


We take every possible precaution & all necessary action to fulfill the needs of our traveler guests & in addition, we are keen to provide good value for money...... 


We works hard to bring you the best possible trips for your rugged lifestyle. Here you'll find our latest travel packages suited for the adventurous spirit. 


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Mt.Nandadev peak view from auli point,  

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"Kuaripass Trek"- Kuaripass Trekking


 Garhwal Himalayas - The land of Gods, and an absolute paradise for the avid traveler...
and for us at Adventure Trekking it's a thrill to find out pristine locations in and around these parts and take you there.

We are your "Specialty tour organizers in Garhwal Himalayas !!".

Awesome, serene and inspiring snow bound Himalayas of Uttaranchal one of nature's most beautiful gift to mankind. Green Garhwal is the place where the dreams of trekkers and nature lovers come true. There are many treks situated to every kind of trekker, of whatever age. We have deign a tailor made fix departure trips for trekking in Garhwal & Kumaon Himalayas. There is many opportunity in all types of trek , to see the most diverse kinds of flora and fauna , a life time experience to meet the wonderful villages and friendly people, there culture, who share with you their simple variety of food and simple pleasures.

Best  of  Season Trekking 

 The Shipton Tilman Route


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In 1905, Lord Curzon reached Kuari Pass (3640m). Kuaripass means "door way".He made the trek, and since then it is also known as the Curzon trail. The main attraction of it is the imposing view of the eastern peaks of Garhwal Himalayas,the twin peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi,Hathi Ghodi Parvat, Mana, and Neelkanth peaks. The trek passes through Pristine Rhododendron, oak and deodar forest. Rarely Himalayan flora and fauna are found as plenty as on this trail.
The Kuari (virgin) Pass treks is a highly varied & scenic trek which passes through three lesser Passes & five major rivers - the Pindar, Kaliganga, Nandakini , Birehiganga & Dhauliganga.The pass or "KHAL" is approached from the ancient trek (Goat Track) route to Joshimath, Badrinath along the pilgrims route. This trek can be undertaken from Auli or from Debal or Ghat near Nandaprayag.

The Kuari pass is one of the most beautiful trek, famous for the enchanting view of the snow clad peaks of Neelkanth (6596m), Kamet (7756m), Mukut Parbat, Mana, Nilgiri Parbat, Trishul (7120m), Hardeol, Dronagiri, rishi pahar, Kalanka, Chaukhamba (7128m), Lampak, Changabang (6864m) , Ronthi , Beathertoli, Kamatt (7757m) and others. On a clear day most of the time you are trekking in the company of these mountains giving you a thrilling experience of the mighty Himalaya , particularly the NANDA DEVI MASSIF. These mountains though far away appear very close. The trail was named after Lord Curzon, who was a keen trekker & it is said that the path was specially improved so that he could trek. With independence it was renamed the Nehru Trail.


Region : Garhwal Himalayas
Duration : 7 / 8 Days.
Altitude : Max. 4268 mt.
Grade : Moderate
Place covered :Joshimath (1890m) : Auli (2750m) : Gorson (3658m) : Tali (3506m) : Chitrakantha (3506) : Khulara (3354m) : Kuari Pass (4268m) :
Best Season : April : May : June : July : September : October : November.

Day 1 - Rishikesh / Joshimath ; Drive 9 - 10 Hrs. O / N - Hotel. 
Early Morning after breakfast drive to Joshimath. The entire drive is along the Alaknanda river till we reach Joshimath. Enroute stop at Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Karanprayag and Nandaprayag, the most famous confluences of Garhwal Himalayas.Arrive Joshimath and transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight hotel.

Day 2 - Joshimath / Auli / Gorson Bughyal ; Trek 2 Hrs. O / N - Camp.
Early Morning enjoy the sunrise on the Nanda Devi Peak.Arrive Auli a Ski resort center furhter trek to Gorson Bughyal ( Meadow), the trails heads up the hillside beyond the ski lift before reaching a small oak and holly forest. A small temple is passed before the trail emerges at the base of the extensive series of meadow Gorson Bughyal. Once U r through the forest , there r many views of the classic route up the Rishi Ganga into the Nandadevi Sanctauary, today we camp at a small Meadow inside a forest covered with Oak trees.
Day 3 - Gorson / Tali ; Trek 4 - 5 Hrs - O / N - Camp.
Today we start our trek from gorson to Tali. When we enter the flat Meadoa of Gorson Buyhyal one can easily view the panorama view of Himalayas Mountains. The trail beyond Gorson bughyal is steep in places, before crossing a rocky outcrop to a small lake named Tali Lake.The entire trek today is gradual ascent. Arrive Tali and hve a evening tea with snacks. Meals and overnight Camp.
Day 4 - Tali / Kuaripass base ; Trek 5 - 6 Hrs - O / N - Camp.
Morning after breakfast trek to the base of Kuaripass. The entire trail commands between beautiful green grassy meadow with a step climb till Kuaripass Base, while on the way everything forget when, glittering towering Himalayan peaks seems to be overhead to catch them. We camp near by a small spring near by a glacier. O/N Camp.
Day 5 - Kuaripass Base / Kuaripass / Khulara ; Trek 6 - 7 Hrs . O / N - Camp.
Morning after breakfast start negotiating the pass. Enjoy the panoramic view of greater Himalayan peaks.Explore the area and trek down to khulara a flat meadow point. Arrive at camp. Dinner and overnight camp.
Day 6 - : Possibility of one day rest at Khulara to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings or have a climb challenge to face the enchanting peak Pangarchuli (5155m) near by Kuaripass Base. O/N - Camp.
Day 7 - Khulara / Tapovan / Joshimath. Trek and Drive 4 hrs & 2 hrs - O / N - Hotel.
Morning after breakfast trek to Tapovan village on the road head. Explore the village and have a refreshing bath in the hot springs . At Tapovan there is a massive sulphur spring. The water of the spring are said to have excellent medicinal properties. Later drive to Joshimath. Dinner and O / N - Hotel.
Day 8 - Joshimath / Rishikesh ; Drive 8 - 9 Hrs; O/N - Hotel.
Return drive to Rishikesh. Arrive Rishikesh. Tour terminates upon arrival at Rishikesh

Be Our Guest Have A Wonderful Time In The Himalayas !

'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

Trekking in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve , Himalaya!  

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The Indian Himalayas contains some of the world?s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful challenging impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes. Catch the most panoramic views of the incomparable land of Indian Himalayas. The Indian Himalayas takes you across the lovely land that it dotted with a variety of thrill adventure destinations.


Minimum 2 Persons & above traveling together can have departures dates as per the travel plans.


For our specialized tailor-made trekking programs for Individuals and small groups please write to us details with exact number of persons, No. of Days, & month of travel. We will send you detailed programs most suitable to your requirements.


OUR MOTTO       

* to explore & preserve Indian Himalayas in an ecological way,

* to enjoy sports challenges and Adventure Holidays in secure conditions,

* to share Indian / western cultures in an open and light way.


We propose you trekking, eco tours, biking, rafting, skiing, climbing and Adventure Holidays in the "Abode of Gods", as Indian people name Garhwal Himalayas. We have our own latest Snow Skiing / trekking / rafting / climbing equipments and we do not sublet our clients to other operators, as other do.  



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Our purpose is to do eco trekkings as a challenge to show that balance between different cultures and balance between human and earth is possible.