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Heli Skiing in Indian Himalayas


Heli Skiing in Uttaranchal & Himachal Pradesh

Heli Skiing, Manali, Kufri, Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, ManaliFor high mountain thrills perhaps nothing can surpass the magic of heli-skiing. Under a deep blue sky. You are carried by helicopter to a snow-draped peak. And after that there is nothing except steadily distancing whirr of rotor blades, the sky and the snow. It is a thrilling experience as you rapidly zoom down the slopes. The icy winds slap your face and the swiftly slithering hiss of skis reminds you that you are racing away on your own stream. 

The challenge of the snow covered terrain. And a streak of adventure in man. That is what combines together in the realm of skiing-the fastest and most fascinating winter sport. When the white mantle of snow covers the lush green meadows and the firs and pines are sprinkled with silver, its skiing time in the Himalayas. Some of the world's most popular winter playgrounds are here, known for their interesting undulations and fine gradients. Over the period of time Skiing is one sport that has gained immense popularity all over the world and in the past decade have become quiet popular sport because of the Himalayas. The awesome height and spread of the snow clad Himalayas mountains, with the added advantage of powdered snow are tempting enough to magnetize the adventurous spirits of the avid skier, providing all the thrill and excitement attached to the sport. 




The best time for skiing in the Indian Himalayas is December to March. This is the season when the region receives the maximum snowfall. However, since the temperature always hovers in the vicinity of 0ēC, warm clothes are required to save oneself from this extreme condition. 


Auli, 16 km from Joshimath, is a popular winter resort & holiday spots offering good skiing conditions. There are many slopes, which provide excellent opportunities for cross-country, slalom and snow-hill skiing events. There is snow-beaters and other sophisticated machinery to keep the slopes fit for skiing. A ropeway from Joshimath connects Auli in 22  minutes flat, saving much time and energy of the skiers. Auli also has the distinction of celebrating the National Winter Games Championships every year in the month of February/March. You are advised to take enough warm clothing, dark glasses and heavy boots. Pithoragarh in the Kumaon hill is another site being developed as a ski resort.

The Shimla, Narkanda, Kullu-Manali, Chamba, Kuper and Pabber areas in Himachal Pradesh have several ski slopes, which are attracting a growing number of enterprising winter sports enthusiasts. Comfortable ski lodges, lifts, trained instructors, and ski runs to suit all levels have been provided at most of these ski resorts in the state. Serious international cognoscenti rate the runs between Solang Nallah and Pathru worth any good skier's time and money. Heli-skiing facilities are available at Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass near Manali. 


About Heli-Skiing ?

What is the difference between normal skiing and Heli Skiing ? 


Well, a helicopter is involved in the latter. If you just don't care about the risk part of high altitude skiing and have got the courage against all odds then, Heli Skiing is just for you. The helicopter is going to leave you at the top of a snow capped peak and from there you just have to criss-cross your way downward. 

This sport challenges the risk-taking explorer in you, as you have to ski down through unknown routes and ridges. Indian Himalayan region is just the best way to start off this thrilling sport. Some of the best choices include Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Chandrakhani Pass near Manali.
Heli Skiing Tips

Cautions & Essentials about Heli-Skiing
Are you new to heli skiing or the extreme sports arena of skiing, then before taking up any of the heli skiing expeditions, firstly ask your tour operators what kind of facilities do they offer to the skiers. Some key points to keep in mind include how many groups will be carried by one helicopter; the type of lodging skiers are going to get; the exact height of the start point from where the skiing will begin and the most important one the equipment and services availability.

Safety is always important when you are planning to have skiing expeditions on the glacial regions as there are potential dangers involved over their. There are always chances to have Avalanche in the snowy areas, that's why make it a point to check upon the snow conditions and weather information from the sports associations and information center of that particular region.

The second important safety fact is flying. Helicopter skiing pilots are seasoned professionals who are thorough with the winter flying conditions within the mountains. They are alert to the onset of sudden weather changes and work together with your guide to ensure maximum safety. Always remember that the snowy regions are prone to accidents, so always pre-plan your ski trip keeping the precautions in mind. 

Major Regions Of  Heli-Skiing In India
Himalayas is full of ultimate skiing destinations and if you an extreme sports lover and experienced enough to climb the glacial regions, then take up you heli skiing venture among the Indian Himalayas. Consistent heavy snowfalls and variety of mountain ranges, the Himalayas provide the best attributes for any skier. In addition to the numerous ski resorts throughout the Himalayan region, you can also find the ultimate skiing experiences of heli skiing over here.

For the first timer heli skiing at the remote locations is always an experience to remember. Remote destination lodge such as the once located in Joshimath & Manali  provide multiple day packages and are considered to be the best heli skiing regions of the Himalayas.


The powder skiing at Manali is exceptional! Our location at approximately 34° N. latitude, roughly equivalent to Los Angeles, gives us long days, and a variety of exposures allows us to ski both with or against the sun. The altitude allows much greater "back radiation" than other areas, which creates excellent recrystallised powder. Manali is known for having one of the deepest snow packs in the entire Himalaya, and due to our continental climate, snowfalls tend to be of low moisture content. As an added bonus, the potential is vast for terrific, spring corn-snow skiing!

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Option One :


Day one : Arrival in Manali. O/N - Hotel.

Day two : Reserve day for preperation. O/N- Hotel.

Day  3 till 6 :  Rendezious the great himalayan ranges while skiing, enjoy the panoramic view of gaints peaks and explore heli skiing. O/N - Hotel.

Day 7 : Drive to Manali. O/N - Hotel.

Day 8 : Fly back to Delhi. Trip ends.


Option Two :


Day 1. Arrival in Delhi. O/N - Hotel

Day 2. Explore Delhi, then drive to Rishikesh. O/N - Camp / Resort / Hotel.

Day 3. Drive to Joshimath. Drive 8 / 9 Hrs. O/N - Hotel / Resorts.

Day 4. Day reserve for preperation. O/N - Hotel / Resorts.

Day 5. Drive to Tapovan. Further trek to Tugasi 5 kms. O/N - Camp.

Day 6. Trek to Kuaripass Base. Trek 8 Kms. O/N - Camp.

Day 7 till 10 at Pangarchulli peak. O/N - Camp.

Day 8. Return back to Joshimath.

Day 9. Drive to Rishikesh. 8/9 Hrs. O/n Camps/Resorts/Hotel.

Day10. Drive to Delhi Airport. 6/7 Hrs drive.Trip end.

Itinerary \ Terms are available upon request.

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