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Himalayas -undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and impressive range in the world, is fastly becoming the most visited adventure zone of the world.


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 Trekking Himalaya

The Himalayan Adventures is all about giving you the best travel experience coupled with just the right amount of activity and scenic beauty to get your adrenaline pumping...and that isn't just because of hiking, trekking or white water rafting...the mighty mountains have more than spine tingling adventures, take a look at the beautiful views it has in store for you.

Adventure Tours In Indian Himalayas 

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 Indian Himalayas - The land of Gods, and an absolute paradise for the avid traveler...
and for us at Adventure Trekking it's a thrill to find out pristine locations in and around these parts and take you there.trekkings himalaya,trekking himalaya,himalaya trekking,trekking the himalayas,himalaya india trekking,india himalaya trekking,india himalaya trekkings,trek himalaya,himalaya treks,himalaya trek tours,india himalaya trek tours,indian himalayan,trekking in the indian himalayas,trekking in indian himalaya,india trekking tours,india trekking packge toursadventure tours in indian himalayas,adventure tours in garhwal himalaya,garhwal adventure tours,garhwal himalaya trekking,india garhwal himalaya trekking,garhwal tours,india discover,india himalaya,himalaya india

We are your "Specialty tour organizers in Indian Himalayas !!".

  Once In A Life Time Experience In Tradition & Style For Those Willing To Travel !!!


        Garhwal Himalayas - Back of the Beyond !!  

Lesser Known Destination 


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Garhwal Himalaya, the land of God and Goddesses, has a number of legendary accounts associated with the Ramayana and the Mahabharata epics. Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti are closely associated with the region and almost all temples of Garhwal are dedicated to these three deities. However, the region has no recorded history of the period before the formation of  Katyuris kingdom, which ruled Garhwal from ninth to eleventh century. However, some of the kings of Malla dynasty- Aneka Malla in 1191 AD and Sonabala in 1209 AD- were the earliest rulers of Garhwal, Ajayapal shifted his capital from Chandpurgarh to Devalgarh in 14th or 15th century. He was the first ruler to bring the scattered states under one kingdom. Mahipati Shah was the founder of Srinagar town where the capital of Garhwal kingdom shifted from Devalgarh in 1517 AD. Like the Chand Rajas of the Kumaon region, the Panwars of Garhwal region frequently came into conflict with their neighbors. Raja Man Shah made a name for himself by establishing control over the passes between Tibet and the Garhwal region. 


Garhwal was ruled by Prithvi Shah during 1640 AD. He was succeeded by Medini shah and thereafter by Fateh Shah in 1692. Fatech Shah one of the most powerful ruler who dominated not only the contemporary adjoining kingdoms but also ectended his power into Tibet. During the reign of Medini Shah, Guru Ram Rai decided to reside at Deheradun when he was denied his claim to be the successor of Guru Har Rai, who died in 1661. It was Fateh Shah who constructed a Gurudwara at village Dharmawala Deheradun. After Fateh Shah, Pradip Shah ruled Garhwal for over 50 years and was succeeded by his son, Lalita Shah, known for the construction of several religious temples. Lalita Shas was succeeded by his son Jayakrit Shah in 1780. He ruled Garhwal for only 5 years and was killed at Joshiyara by Kumaonies. Encouraged by their heroic victory, Kumaonies invaded and captured Srinagar town. Pradyuman who ruled over the entire territory of Uttarakhand from Kali river in the east to Yamuna river in the west. 


The reign of Pradyuman Shah was full of natural and manmade calamities. The Marathas invaded Garhwal in 1801, followed by Gorkhas in 1804. King Pradhyman failed to resist the attack of Gorkha army chief, Amar Singh Thapa and  fled to Deheradun where he died in the Khurbura battle in 1804, The Gorkha army chief again invaded Garhwal from 1804 to 1815 and damaged the entire economic and political set up of Garhwal from till the Gorkhas were defeated at the hands of the British forces in 1815. This followed the Sahguli Pact, signed between the Garhwal king Sudarshan Shah and Britishers. According to this pact the eastern part of Alaknanda, river was given to Britishers and the western part of Alaknanda, including Rawain lying between Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi, became the new Garhwal kingdom with Tehri as its new capital. Sudarshan Shah ruled his empire till 1859. Kriti Shah was another able administrator of Tehri estate. None of the kings preceding Kriti shah have left any splendid example of art and architecture or work of public interest in Garhwal. 


Finally, the native state of Tehri was amalgamated with the Union of Indian immediately after independence on 15th August 1947. However, it merged with the state of Uttarprades on 1st August 1949 to become the district of Tehri  Garhwal. There were only two districts, Pauri Garhwal and Tehri Garhwal, till 1960. In earley 1960 Chamoli and Uttarakashi were carved out of Pauri Garhwal and Tehri Garhwal, respectively. Towards the end of 1968 a separate Garhwal Commissionary was created with its headquarter at Pauri.


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Be Our Guest Have A Wonderful Time In The Himalayas !

'' I still believe that Garhwal Himalaya in India is the most beautiful country of all high Asia."

T.G. Longstaff, The Ascent of Nanda Devi.

Trekking in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve , Himalaya!  

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The Indian Himalayas contains some of the world?s most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful challenging impressive peaks of the Himalayan chain in the north, high-altitude plains and remote mountain passes. Catch the most panoramic views of the incomparable land of Indian Himalayas. The Indian Himalayas takes you across the lovely land that it dotted with a variety of thrill adventure destinations.


Minimum 2 Persons & above traveling together can have departures dates as per the travel plans.


For our specialized tailor-made trekking programs for Individuals and small groups please write to us details with exact number of persons, No. of Days, & month of travel. We will send you detailed programs most suitable to your requirements.


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* to explore & preserve Indian Himalayas in an ecological way,

* to enjoy sports challenges and Adventure Holidays in secure conditions,

* to share Indian / western cultures in an open and light way.


We propose you trekking, eco tours, biking, rafting, skiing, climbing and Adventure Holidays in the "Abode of Gods", as Indian people name Garhwal Himalayas. We have our own latest Snow Skiing / trekking / rafting / climbing equipments and we do not sublet our clients to other operators, as other do.  



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Our purpose is to do eco trekkings as a challenge to show that balance between different cultures and balance between human and earth is possible.